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maining problems associated with the post-2008 financial crisis, accor▓ding to Huang Jun, an economics professor with Renmin University of China.The presence of more and more


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millionaires in Chin▓a, where younger collectors have significantly increased in recent years, is expected to drive a rebound of the art market, Huang sa


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id.More types of art in▓vestment vehicles and the application of securitizati▓on techniques are expected to help revive the art ma

rket,▓ she said.The sales volume of fine arts alone at publ▓ic auctions in China rocketed in barely 10 years to reach 41 percent of th

e global market▓ in 2011, the biggest share in the world, according to data from Artprice, a specialist in art market informa

tion.The sales of artworks peaked in the country i▓n 2011 and began to decline in recent years.Gove▓rnment efforts to curb luxury spending

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    and the anti-corruption campaign have played a role in cooling down the Chinese buying frenzy, according to a study o

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    f▓ the Chinese art market by artnet, an art market website.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPlease sc

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    an the QR Code to follow us▓ on WechatChina鈥檚 self-developed high-end storage occupies over half of domestic mark